delaying your headshot?

Delaying your headshot?

Are you delaying your headshot session? Many business owners avoid a photography session because they don’t feel ready, or are anxious about stepping out in front of the camera and representing their brand. Your business is constantly growing and changing, so guess what? Now is the perfect time to get your imagery taken care of.

No one is ever “ready”

Let’s face it, we’re never really “ready” to have our photo taken. Delaying the inevitable can increase our anxiety about having our photos done. But here’s the thing. No one is interested in whether you’ve waited to lose weight, have your hair done, or your teeth whitened… They have no idea, what you look like… and that’s just the thing. They want to get to know you.

It’s time to invest in you

As business owners, we invest so much time in our products, services and day-to-day business activities that we often forget to stop and look at the business from the outside. One of the biggest assets we have is ourselves. So put aside the worries, anxieties and concerns and get it done. Your clients, future and present, will appreciate that you’re putting yourself out there for your brand, and your business. And that “About” page we avoid like the plague can finally get published.

Integrity and honesty = up-to-date imagery

For those of you still rocking the image you had taken ten years ago, enough already. Your customers aren’t going to buy it, and if integrity and honesty are important for your business, it needs to start with you. No one is judging, they just want to know you and put a face to the name.

Still thinking about delaying your headshot? Come on, get in touch, and we’ll help guide you.

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