First impressions

First impressions still count, especially in the world in which we find ourselves now. Times have changed in a way we couldn’t even picture several years ago. Who’d have thought that you’re next interview would take place in your kitchen, and that it might be months before you met the rest of the people in your team IRL.

Giving our best first impression now requires us to have clear visual statements online – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook – and professional headshots are your best investment (and may even be tax deductible). Even the backgrounds we choose for our Zoom/Teams meetings all have an impact on people’s impression of who we are, and what value we can bring to them.

The images we create at Sydney Headshot Photos not only help you stand out in the crowd, but they offer a way for your clients and colleagues to connect with you online before they even pick up the phone to call you, or open Teams to join your meeting. Our headshots help you build trust, and increase your confidence and let’s face it, they’re a better option than the only image you have that you love, that is at your best friend’s wedding, and you’re wearing sunnies and holding a drink!

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