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Peter Hurley

That time I got to photography Peter Hurley.

Every face I’ve ever photographed has beauty in it…. the beauty’s always there… always…My frustration is that sometimes we can’t see it….

Peter Hurley

I don’t really know where I heard about this guy Peter Hurley, world-renowned NYC Headshot Photographer. But what he had to say about photographing people really resonated with me. When people step in front of our cameras they are usually unwilling participants. They really don’t want to be there and will sometimes act out to avoid being seen by the lens. They walk into our studio’s and list their perceived faults and that can be a pretty tricky starting point.

As human beings we’re both attracted and repelled by our appearance, and the choice we embrace depends on our level of self acceptance, or the size of the gap between who we feel we are and who we really are. The camera shines a spotlight on that gap.

Anna Rowley

But when you do step inside our studio, our hope is that you’ll be like the rare few who come in the door, confident, excited, embracing themselves and who they are. Because that’s what we see. And that’s what we’d love to capture… the real you.

“We all have gap between the way we see ourselves, and the way the world sees us”

Peter Hurley

So why go to a Peter Hurley workshop? Not because I needed to know more camera or lighting techniques (although I did). I wanted to go to explore this ‘psychology’ of photographing people further. To understand more about how I could help people in front of my lens to relax and trust the process. And to ensure they walked out of the studio, not only with a great photograph, but with a spring in their step and the world at their feet. And over the course of a few days in the workshop, that was exactly our focus (pardon the pun!).

So for those of you who have trouble seeing your own beauty, could you please just take a better look around for it. And when you find it, allow us to see it too.

Peter Hurley

And if you need a little help, perhaps a headshot session with us might help ;-)

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