Portrait of a teen actress with black hair and black top


Teen actor, Amy, came into the Studio this week for her portfolio headshots… she already has a role or two under her belt. We used simple clothing and backgrounds so we didn’t confuse the message. And, as a teen, Amy had a very minimal, natural makeup look. We encourage our younger actors not to overdo hair and makeup. It’s not necessary and can send a mixed message to other aspiring teen actors who are looking for inspiration.

As a parent of an aspiring actor in their teens, I can understand the hesitance parents may feel about visiting a photography studio with your child Rest assured our workspace is not a closed door studio, and is well set up for aspiring teen actors and their parents. Our waiting area lets you see into the studio, but at the same time, it doesn’t distract us from working to create images for your teen. We can then all sit together at the end of the session and discuss/select the images for your order.

It’s also worth noting I have a working with children check for extra peace of mind :)

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