If you’re wondering about what it’s like to have your headshot taken with Sydney Headshot Photos, this timeline might give you an idea or you can search through the FAQ section below.

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Step 1

Book your Session

When you book a session with Sydney Headshot Photos, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Step 1

Step 2

What to Wear

About a week or so before your session, we’ll send you handy tips about what to wear and your upcoming session. Check your wardrobe and make sure you have a good idea of what you’ll bring. You really don’t want to stress about this the night before when you realise your favourite shirt is at the dry cleaners.

Step 2

Step 3

A Few Days Before

Make sure you drink lots of water in the lead up to your session. No late nights, good food, and cut down on alcohol so that your skin glows.

Step 3

Step 4

The Day of the Session

It’s showtime! Let’s have some fun. Remember, these images are meant to be showing off the best of you. So… be confident, let go of anxieties you may be experiencing, and give in to the moment. We’ll be there to help you on your way.

Step 4

Step 5

At your Session

Relax! You made it… now let’s get this thing going!

If you’ve booked hair and makeup, come along with a clean face. Otherwise, come ready for your session. We’ll have drinks and snacks on hand if you need. And yup, there are amenities.

If you need to do any paperwork, we’ll do that first, along with taking any final payments.

Then, we’ll choose your first outfit, and make a plan for the session.

Step 5

Step 6

During your Session

During our headshot session we keep you in front of the lights and direct you from behind the camera. All the images are created from the chest up (yup you can be barefoot!). We coach you through the entire process, and help to create the best images of you, using subtle changes to expression, angle, and body position to work out what works for you.

While we shoot, you’ll be able to see the images we’re creating and try out some different ideas. We’ll change things up to give you enough looks to choose from and give you opportunities to change accessories, outfits and so on.

When we’ve finished shooting, we’ll sit down and review the images. You’ll be choosing the images you love and from their we’ll create your online gallery.

At this point you’re welcome to make your image choices or head off to your next appointment and choose them later

Step 6

Step 7

After your Session

Straight after you leave the session, we’ll be creating an online gallery for you and uploading your image choices. So, log in and check them out! These images are straight out of camera and haven’t been professionally edited yet. Some people prefer to have someone else help them choose, so do that if you need to.
Once you’ve chosen your images we’ll get to work on preparing them for you.

Step 7

Step 8

Your Images Delivered

Within 24 hours of payment we will have your images professionally edited, and formatted for print, web, and social media. All you’ll need to do is download the files and they’re ready to use.


Step 8

Let’s face it… getting your photo taken professionally isn’t an everyday experience (leaving snapchat to one side lol!). So, we’ve curated an FAQ section for you, that hopefully covers all the questions you might have about what to expect, the process, and how to use your images. It’s always being added to, so, no… there are no silly questions. 

If you’re still curious, please call us on 0412 888 508 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.





Headshot Session + Fee Information

Headshot photography is just that. When you come in for a headshot, we're shooting close, from the chest up. It doesn't matter what you have on below the waist (think boardies, and activewear if you need to) and barefoot is fine. 

Our focus in headshot photography is to coach you throughout the shoot, constantly changing angles and expressions to capture the real essence of you. We use simple backgrounds, black or white, unless you request something. and we keep our lighting to specific settings that highlight the best in you.

Our portrait sessions, found under the Actor section or booked specifically by business groups, give us more time with you, and the opportunity to get creative with you and change things up. Portrait sessions allow us to photograph you with different focal lengths, assorted backgrounds and we can play around with lighting to create different looks. What you take away is a fab variety of looks to use in your portfolio. 

Our headshot studio, which is in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, a short walk from Woolooware Station, is where most of our headshot sessions take place. 

We ask you to bring a few changes of clothes, and some accessories - scarves, jewellery, ties etc. This way we can go over what you bring, figure out what to start with and have options to change up your look as we progress.

When we're shooting, it's just you and the photographer. It will feel awkward at first, but we'll put you at ease...  because we look at the images as we go, you'll start to see what works for you and what doesn't and by the end of our session you will have a really great idea of your best side, and how to rock a selfie!

At the end of the session, we check over every image. It's pretty simple, we keep what you love, and these images go into your online proof gallery.  You can then go ahead and make your purchases at your leisure.

We work with business to create consistent headshots for their business teams either on location or in the Studio.

Our volume pricing includes a complimentary group shot if required. We provide an online gallery for you to choose your final order choices and we include one complimentary finished file per person.

Additional files can be purchased for $100 per image.

The number one thing is be comfortable. There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on having your photo taken and being coached while tugging at your clothes and fussing.

Bring clothes that you love! And if you have a style stick to it! We want you to feel fabulous and confident when you step in front of the camera, so make sure you feel great in every item you bring. You may need to go on a bit of a shopping spree, but chances are your go-to faves are exactly what you bring.

Some ideas regarding range: different cuts, necklines, colours, textures. Layers are a great idea, and seasonal items aren't an issue here... we're looking for things that speak volumes about you, not the season we're shooting in. 

For men needing corporate: different jackets, ties, shirt combinations

For women in corporate: a variety of tops, dresses, jackets. Keep the high heels at home unless they make you feel confident.

Jewellery: Keep it simple, and to a minimum UNLESS it's your thing. 

Glasses: If you wear them, chances are you have more than one pair. Bring them in. Glare is something we'll need to work through, but it won't be a showstopper.

A friend, a sibling, a work colleague, a partner. We have you covered.

Bring up to two other friends and make a morning or afternoon of it. Get your hair and makeup done as well and go for a fancy lunch afterwards or kick on into the night!

We've created a small business package for 2-3 people. It's a great price, you can hang out with a mate or two, and walk away with amazing images. They can also help you choose your gallery... or not 🙂 

Totally optional. But... for women we highly recommend it.

It's not that we don't trust you to do your own hair and makeup. But our makeup artist uses makeup with our specific lighting set up in mind. We prefer natural, clean and simple looks that don't overpower the face behind them. We want to see the real you!

If you have any temporary skin concerns these are usually picked up by our professional retouching.

We prefer it if you come in with your hair ready the way you prefer it. We want you to have your best hair day, which is why we recommend our hair and makeup artist.

For men, we don't recommend hair or makeup. But if you have a beard, or the makings of one, it might be worth having a grooming session before you come in. If you want to shave it off part way through the shoot, go ahead but you'll need to bring your products with you.

Because we work with a lot of corporate clients on location here and interstate, we only open out bookings up for the month ahead. If there is a problem during booking and the timeslot you need isn't available, please give us a call and we'll do our best to sort something out for you. 

We use square to take payments via card, or via our website. We can take the balance of session fees in cash on the day. For businesses, we require payment within 7 days and all images must be paid for prior to the delivery of final files. Because all images are supplied digitally, we cannot accept refunds for change of mind.

Our pricing is made up of two parts - session fee (the cost of the photography session), and product (the images you want to purchase). Most Session Fees include a finished image or more, depending on the package. You are welcome to purchase more images if required.

To keep our schedule on track, and make it fair for other clients, we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit on the session fee up front. This is part of the booking process.

The rest of the fee is due on the day of your session.

Our product, i.e. the images you want to buy, are $100 per image. This is payable prior to delivery of the final images to you and is invoiced after you've made your selection. You will need to factor this into your budget, but it does mean that we cater for all budgets and requirements.

We are fair, and believe we charge fair and reasonable prices, so please don't ask for a discount/deal. Once you become our client, we halve our session fees for you on individual headshots, so if you need an update in a year or two, we've got you covered.

Our studio is located at 2a/155 Taren Point Road, Caringbah - we're above Part Time Ceramics. There is visitors parking on site.

If you're travelling by public transport we are a short walk from the 477/478 Bus Stop on Taren Point Road.

But we also work on location, so if the studio is inconvenient, there is an option for us to come to you.

Our Studio

2a/155 Taren Point Road, Caringbah NSW 2229

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